Staying Safe Advice to New Performers

Good Advice on Keeping Safe by Lilly Laudanum

Bluestocking Lounge

As a new performer, the world of burlesque and cabaret is an exciting one… It can open new doors to new pathways in life, it can open you up to new friends and experiences… You might be offered a lot of shows, which is good, as we bet you are keen to get on that stage and perform! But while not wanting to put anyone off by any means, we’ve compiled some advice that will hopefully keep you safe… 

First and foremost – you don’t have to do every show you are offered… 

This might sound ridiculous, especially from people saying do as many shows as you like, but please be choosy and think about the kind of shows you are offered. Make a list of shows you respect and have heard good things about and apply to them and ask other performers their advice on the best shows to…

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